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The Patagonia Torre Traverse in a Day!

Colin Haley and Alex Honnold have sent the Torre Traverse in a day for its second ascent. The traverse of the Torre peaks in Patagonia was first done by Haley and Rolando Garibotti in January 2008. Eight years later, Haley teamed up with the Honnold, who last year made the first ascent of the Fitz Roy Traverse with Tommy Caldwell.

Haley and Honnold sent the Torre Traverse in 20 hours and 40 minutes. In 2015, the Americans came within a few pitches of completing the traverse in 22 hours. For a photo of the traverse, visit here. Haley and Honnold made the likely second ascent of Cerro Huemul a few days ago after climbing a new route called End of Faith, a 1,000-metre 5.2X.

Haley wrote the following about End of Faith on his Instagram, “We covered a lot of cool terrain, on a mountain that is nearly completely neglected, despite sitting just above a town full of climbers and mountaineers.”

Watch this 2015 clip by EpicTV about Haley and Honnold’s attempt at the traverse.