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The Prowd Line, New Route in the Rockies

Cian Brinker and Alex Lawson find a plum line high above the Icefields Parkway

Cian Brinker and Alex Lawson climbed a new 500-metre, 5.10, on the west-face of Mt. Wilson. The massif known for its water-fall ice climbing and mixed climbing through the winter has a number of summer climbs. Each one ascends stunning and bomber quartzite towers, similar to Back of the Lake. The Prowd Line climbs the esthetic and often looked at tower above the ice route Lady Wilsons Cleavage.

The duo climbed a few limestone pitches to get through the lower band. After a bivy they climbed straight up the leaning prow, an unbelievable feature from the road.

The Prowd Line 500m, 5.10, is the rock prow above the ice climb Wilson Major

Alex Lawson climbing towards the tower Photo Cian Brinker