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The World’s Hardest Boulder Problems by Country

Climbers have been climbing boulder problems for over 100 years. There are now dozens of V15s and a handful of V16 problems with at least two V17s.

Pierre Allain is considered one of the first boulderers and in the 1930s, he was joined by several others at Fontainebleau, where his group of “‘Bleausards” developed a love of of the sport that went beyond simple training for the Alps.

One of the most famous routes they climbed is L’Angle Allain V2, first done in 1934. Allain designed the first rubber-soled climbing shoe. Watch an ascent of L’Angle Allain below.

Bouldering Today

Fast forward to 2018 and there’s countless boulder problems around the world. The most difficult is Burden of Dreams V17 in Lappnor, Finland first climbed by Nalle Hukkataival. While the grade is unconfirmed, it shows how far the sport has come.

The first confirmed V15 was The Story of Two Worlds in Cresciano, Switzerland, climbed first by Dave Graham. There are no V15s in Canada, but at least five V14s, including four in Squamish: The Reckoning, The Singularity, North Ridge, Zazen and Physical Graffiti in Nova Scotia.

Below is a list of the world’s 140+ hardest problems as compiled by 99boulders.com.


Road Sweet Home V15 at Grampians
The Stepping Stone V15 at Grampians
The Wheel of Life V15 at Grampians
The Wheel of Life Direct V15/V16 (8C/8C+) Grampians


Bügeleisen Sit V15 at Maltatal
Carinthian Dreams V15 at Kärnten
Dust Devil V15 at Saalachtal
Emotional Landscapes V15 at Maltatal
Hurricane V15 at Birgkar
Iron Knuckles V15 at Kärnten
Pipe Dream SD V15 at Saalachtal
Styrian Delirium V15 at Weststeiermark
Viva La Evolution V15 at Flirsch
Whirlwind V15 at Saalachtal
Zunami V15 at Saalachtal


Fortaleza V15 at Ubatuba


Room Service V14 in Squamish
The Reckoning V14 in Squamish
The Singularity V14 in Squamish
North Ridge V14 in Squamish
Zazen V14 in Squamish
Thessalhydra V14 at Kanata-Tremblan
Miall’s Ahead V14 at Kanata-Tremblan
Physical Graffiti V14 in Nova Scotia

Czech Republic

Cháron V15 at Petrohrad
Drift V15 at Holstejn
Knocking on Heaven’s Door V15 at Petrohrad
Kráter V15 at Holstejn
Pata Ledovce V15 at Holstejn
Poslední mažoret V15 at Labské údolí
Terranova V16 at Holstejn
Vrtule V15/V16 at Holstejn


Burden of Dreams V17 at Lappnor


Angama V15 at Fontainebleau
Bélial V15 at Fontainebleau
Délire Onirique (assis) V15 at Fontainebleau
La Révolutionnaire V15 at Fontainebleau
La Révolutionnaire Extension V16 at Fontainebleau
Le Marathon de Boissy V15 at Fontainebleau
Hypothèse assis V16 at Fontainebleau
Kapote V17 at Fontainebleau
Le Pied à Coulisse V15 at Fontainebleau
L’Alchimiste (right version) V15 at Fontainebleau
Quoi de Neuf V15 at Toit d’Orsay
Satan i Helvete (broken version) V15 at Fontainebleau
Shiva V15 at Fontainebleau
The Big Island V15 at Fontainebleau
Trip Hop V15 at Fontainebleau


Assassin, Monkey and Man V15 at Kochel
Bokassa’s Fridge V15 at Kochel
Gossip V15 at Frankenjura
Half-Life V15 at Frankenjura
Maria Singer V15 at Kochel
Transcendance/Transdendenz V15 at Sachsen
Wrath of the Lichking V15 at Frankenjura


The Last Jedi V15 at Remete-barlang


Gioia V15/V16 (8C/8C+) Varazze
Kimera V15 at Piemonte
The Mystical Patatohead’s Direct Edge V15 at Gais
Tonino ’78 V15/V16 (8C/8C+) Meschia
Ziqqurat V15 at Gaby


Asagimadara V15 at Mt. Mizugaki
Babel V15 at Shiobara
Byaku-dou / The Road to the Heaven V15 at Hourai
Epitaph V15 at Horai
Eternal V15 at Hinokage
Gekirin V15 at Ryutosen
Ginga V15 at Kanoto
Horizon V15 at Mt. Hiei
Hull Shea Nation V15 at Horai
Hydrangea V15 at Shiobara
Hyper Ballad V15 at Shiobara
Karamu V15 at Unknown
Kuzan V15 at Mie
Methuselahzation V15 at Yatsue
Nayuta V16 at Gero
Orochi V15 at Kanoto
Rokudou V15 at Toyamagawa
Vanitas V15 at Horai
Yocuto V15 at Gero


El Diablo V15 at Peñoles


Obseja V15 at Kusięta


Whiplash V15 at Lietlahti Park


The End V15 at Zalog

South Africa

Black Eagle SD V15 at Rocklands
Livin’ Large V15 at Rocklands
Monkey Wedding V15 at Rocklands
Red Bottom Sky V15 at Rocklands
Spray of Light V15 at Rocklands
The Finnish Line V16 at Rocklands

South Korea

Eternal Sunshine V15 at Mudeungsan National Park
Hymn V15 at Mudeungsan National Park


Airian V15 at Baltzola
Catalán Witness the Fitness V15 at La Cova de l’Ocell
Crisis V15/V16 at Crevillente
Cthulhu V15 at Arnao
El Indomable V16 at Tamajón
Entropia V15 at Castillo de Bayuela
Eskerrik Asko V15 at Araotz
Eterno Legado V15 at Hoya Moros
Insomnio V15 at Crevillente
Kikela V15 at Teverga
La teoría del todo V15/V16 at Albarracín
Lurragorri V15 at Araotz
Mikelon V15 at Baltzola
Papa Oso V15 at Torrelodones
Parálisis Espástica V15 at Navalosa
Soyuz (low start) V15 at Zarzalejo
Trinity V15 at La Peixcave
Poison The Well V16 at Brione
Off the Wagon Sit V16 at Valle Bavona
Der mit dem Fels tanzt V15 at Chironico
Drop a Line V16 at Cousimbert
Foundation’s Edge V15 at Fionnay
From Dirt Grows the Flowers V15 at Chironico
Hazel Grace V15 at Gottardo
Highlander V15 at Sustenpass
In Search of Time Lost V15 at Magic Wood
Kryptos V15 at Basler Jura
La Colombe V15 at Vernayaz
La Force Tranquille V15 at Magic Wood
La Grosse Tarlouze V15 at Magic Wood
Le Boa V15 at Unknown
Le Poinçonneur des Lilas V15 at Basler Jura
Practice of the Wild V15 at Magic Wood
The Story of Two Worlds V15 at Cresciano
The Story of Two Worlds (low start) V16 at Cresciano
REM V16 at Cresciano
The Understanding V15 at Magic Wood
Wintertime Love V15 at Cousimbert


Il Pirata V15 at Lake District
Serenata V15 at Maltby
Serenation V15 at Maltby
Shadowplay V15 at Lake District
Walk Away (sit start) V15 at Fairy Steps


The New Chapter V15 at Ozark Mountains
Witness the Fitness (broken) V15 at Ozark Mountains
Lucid Dreaming V15 at Bishop
The Outer Limits V15 at Lake Tahoe
The Process V16 at Bishop
Creature of the Black Lagoon V16 at Rocky Mountain National Park
Box Therapy at Rocky Mountain National Park
Defying Gravity V15 at South Platte
Delirium V15 at Lincoln Lake
Hypnotized Minds V16 at Rocky Mountain National Park
Paint It Black V15 at Rocky Mountain National Park
The Game V15 at Boulder Canyon
The Ice Knife (sit start) V15 at Guanella Pass
The Wheel of Wolvo V15 at Lincoln Lake
Topaz V15 at Wild Basin
The Matriarch V15 at Rocktown
Kintsugi V15 at Red Rocks
The Nest V15 at Red Rocks
Sleepwalker V16 at Red Rocks
Terremer V15 at Hueco Tanks

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