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There Was an Ice Climbing Festival This Weekend

The event was attended by hundreds of climbers over three days

Portillo Ice Fest in Chile

The 15th Portillo Ice Fest took place at the Portillo ski resort in the Chilean Andes this past weekend. The event is kind of like the Ouray Ice Festival of South America. There were three days of comps, workshops and climbing.

Experienced winter climber Andres Marin, who’s based in the U.S.A. won the competition against several top South American climbers. Marin retired from comp climbing years ago, but he said that after seeing his partner Anna Pfaff push her hardest ever that he was inspired.

There are around a dozen ice climbing events planned in Canada for this upcoming winter. We’ll have an updated list by fall 2022. Portillo is a popular winter destinations around 160 kilometres from Santiago and 2,800 metres above sea level.

Portillo Ice Fest 2017



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