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Three Dawn Wall Articles Worth Checking Out

With everyone in a frenzy to have the first and best story about the Dawn Wall, here are a few pieces written over the last two days that stand out from the rest.

News on the Dawn Wall

1.  Freddie Wilkinson’s New York Times piece

A main stream news source finally consults a professional climber about the Dawn Wall. The result is an excellent piece by Wilkinson.

“The beauty of the endeavor, as Mr. Harding surely would understand, is that ultimately each and every climber gets to define his or her own meaning of adventure.”

By Jon McNaught
By Jon McNaught

2. Andrew Bisharat’s Evening Sends

Andrew Bisharat’s Evening Sends is always worth checking out. His first-had knowledge of the Dawn Wall project can’t be beat.

“Kevin: Clipping the chains on pitch 14 was definitely a high point. I’d never done that pitch. I fell off the last move about a month ago. I knew it was possible, but that’s still different from having actually done it.”

Tommy's finger  Photo Corey Rich
Tommy’s finger Photo Corey Rich

3. Tom Evan’s El Cap Report

Tom Evan’s El Cap Report is the go-to for daily updates and photos from El Cap. He has the best pictures and day-to-day breakdowns of the Dawn Wall attempt.

“Kevin is on the mend and has wisely not climbed for a few days, as he needs his fingers to be as healed as they can, in that environment. He is going back on the 15th pitch tomorrow, most likely, late in the day. Tommy sent 19 and 20 this evening and is now atop Wino Tower, high above The Camp.”

Tommy climbing on day 13 Photo Tom Evans
Tommy climbing on day 13 Photo Tom Evans
Tommy and Kevin at the camp  Photo Tom Evans
Tommy and Kevin at the camp Photo Tom Evans

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