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Three Russian Climbers Missing on Annapurna

A search and rescue mission will head out on April 19 in hopes of locating them

Annapurna recently had a record number of climbers reach the summit, including a number of women who made history, which you can read about here.

Unfortunately, Russian climbers Sergey Kondrashkin, Alexander Luthokin and Dmitry Sinev have been reported as missing on Annapurna. A helicopter has been called to search for the three climbers in the morning. Kondrashkin and Sinev summited on April 16 with the 60-plus others, but Luthokin might not have. Early reports are that Waldemar Kowalewski, who summited without O2, went back up to look for them.

The Russian climbers were last seen two days ago in camp four. This is a developing story that we’ll update on April 19. For an in-depth look at the Himalayan climbing season visit Alan Arnette here. In April 2020, two South Korean trekkers died in an avalanche in the Annapurna region.