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Three Skiers Killed in a B.C. Avalanche

10 people were involved in the incident, including one heli-ski guide

B.C.’s tragic ski year continues, as another avalanche has struck 10 people, killing three and injuring four. Last week, we reported about nine previous avalanche deaths in B.C. this winter – read here.

No names have been released, but all were foreign nationals except for their guide. B.C. RCMP said the victims were heli-skiing near Panorama Mountain Resort when an avalanche was triggered. It happed around noon. “Rescue efforts were carried out by search and rescue (and) Panorama Ski Patrol, in coordination with heli-skiing companies directly involved,” Cpl. James Grandy said in a news release Thursday.

Twelve people have died in B.C. avalanches this ski season. Invermere Mayor Al Miller told CTV News Calgary, “We’re a small, tight-knit community. When that many helicopters start rolling back and forth and back and forth, you know something has gone terribly wrong.”

Skiers and ice climbers must remain vigilant as spring conditions approach in the mountains. Always check the avalanche conditions here.