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Three to Trial for Tito Traversa’s Death

Tito Traversa was 12 years old when he died from a climbing accident at Orpierre in July 2013.

Tito was considered one of the top young climbers of his time. At only 10 years old, he sent a 5.14a.

While he was out with the Italian climbing club he belonged to, he borrowed some quickdraws from a friends and proceeded to climb a steep route. After he reached the anchor, he sat back on the rope.

The quickdraws he borrowed had been improperly assembled and they all failed. Tito fell 20 metres and landed on the ground. He later died in a hospital.

A number of news sources, including La Stampa, have reported that three people will go to trial over Tito’s death: the climbing instructor who was present, the climbing club president and the company that wrongly assembled the quickdraws.

For Tito, forever in our hearts. from Mountain View on Vimeo.