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Tierrany V14 is Yosemite’s Hardest New Problem

Jimmy Webb and Carlo Traversi made the first and second ascents back to back

Jimmy Webb has made the first ascent of Tierrany V14 in Yosemite and Carlo Traversi quickly got the second ascent. It’s the hardest bouldering problem in Yosemite.

Until now, there were no V14s in Yosemite. In 2016, Webb made the first ascent of Happier Days V13 in the park, which was one of the hardest problems to date. Webb is one of the world’s strongest climbers, with many hard first ascents to his name, including Sleepwalker V16, The Outer Limits V15 and Virgo V15.

About Tierrany, Traversi said, “Yosemite’s new hardest (but not for long). Brushed this thing up in 2013, but didn’t start giving serious efforts until end of 2019. Finally sorted out the bottom business with Jimmy a few weeks ago, crew vibes for the win. He found his way to the top and I followed a few tries later. This one’s a really atypical Yosemite bloc, less trickery and more iso power on decent holds. Reminds me of Swiss, except for the HP40 sloper top out.”

This past fall, Shannon Joslin, James Lucas and Kimbrough Moore published a new guidebook to bouldering in Yosemite Valley with over 1,300 boulder problems that includes seven new areas.

One of the most classic boulder problems in the world is Midnight Lightning in Yosemite. The V8 is found on the Columbia Boulder in Camp 4. The first ascent was by Ron Kauk in 1978; and the first female ascent was by Lynn Hill in 1998.

There are dozens of bouldering areas in the Valley, including Candyland, Cathedral, Yabo, Sentinel, Knobby Wall, Lower Yosemite, Camp 4, Gunsight and many more. Visit here to order a copy of the new guidebook.