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“Took Away My Ability to Breathe” – Daniel Woods Has Covid-19

He's one of the world's most accomplished boulderers and only the second climber to tick V17

Top American climber Daniel Woods has Covid-19 and posted about his condition on an Instagram story, where he said, “Me 1… Covid 1. Shit came back and took away my ability to breathe. Wish I got boosted… luckily I’m vaxed or this shit would be a nightmare.”

Woods is one of the most accomplished boulderers of all time, with over 20 ascents of V15 or harder problems. In 2021, he climbed the first V17 in America, and only the second ever, with his first ascent of Return of the Sleepwalker. Watch his historic first ascent below.

Other hard problems Woods has climbed include the first ascents of Sleepwalker V16, The Box Therapy V16, Creature from the Black Lagoon V16, The Process V16 and Hypnotized Minds V16. Woods has also pushed grades on roped climbs and in 2019 sent his hardest grade to date with La Capella 5.15b in Spain. During his competition days, Woods took home gold in many events, including the National Bouldering Championship.

Wishing Woods and anyone else dealing with a mid-winter illness a quick recovery.

Return of the Sleepwalker V17

La Capella 5.15b