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Top Alpinists in Canadian Rockies for Spring

Spring in the Canadian Rockies often means there will be a few windows for climbers to tackle some of the Rockies’ biggest alpine walls, like Mount Temple, Kitchener, Cromwell, Robson or any of the other steep mixed faces.

This spring, there are a number of international climbers based in Canmore hoping for good weather. From the U.K., Tom Livingstone and Uisdean Hawthorn to the power duo of Luka Lindic and Ines Papert.

It’s none of their fist times in the Canadian Rockies, as Livingstone, fresh off making the first ascent of Latok I from the north, climbed The House/Anderson VI WI5+ M8R/X 1000m on Mount Alberta with Hawthorn. Read about it here.

Papert has made many trips to Canada over the years and has a number of first ascents to her name, including Sensory Overload V 5.11+ on Mount Asgard on Baffin Island; Into the Wild M12 in Icefall Brook Canyon and Power of Silence V 5.13a in Cirque of the Unclimbables.

Lindic has also climbed new routes in Canada, all with the late Marc-Andre Leclerc, including The Leclerc/Lindic V M7+ W16+R 1,100m on the Northeast Face of Mount Tuzo, Psychological Effect V M7 WI5+ 700m on Mount Neptuak and Fantastic Mr. Fox IV M5 WI5 500m on Mount Deltaform. With Leclerc, Livingstone also made the first winter ascent of the Navigator Wall on Mount Slesse, B.C. at IV M7+R.

The temperatures in the Canadian Rockies have risen to above freezing, which left many alpine climbers hoping for cooler weather in the next few days. If there’s a weather window, it will be interesting to see what gets climbed this season.

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