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Toronto World Cup: 136 Climbers to Compete

The IFSC Toronto World Cup that will be held at the Thornhill Arena is only two days away and top athletes from around the world have already arrived.

The 2015 Toronto World Cup
The 2015 Toronto World Cup

IFSC world cup route setters have been busy prepping the arena for the weekend’s big event. For some photos of the prep, see here.

From Argentina, three climbers will be making the trip including Nicolas Pachecon. From Austrlia, Emma Horane and James Kassay are among the five climbers making the trip.

From the always strong Austria, Anna Stohr and Jakob Schubert are among the eight climbers coming to Toronto. Chloe Caulier is the only climber from Belgium and Pedro Ferreira Nicoloso is the only climber from Brazil.

There are plenty of Canadians who will be making the journey to represent their home country. For the women: Elise Sethna, Elizabeth Vince, Becca Frangos, Clarrie Lam, Stacey Weldon, Allison Stewart-Patterson, Kristina Jellema, Ashley Veevers, Thomasina Pidgeon, Samantha Li, Celeste Wall, Alyssa Weber, Veronique Gosselin, En NeoSu, Allison Vest, Catherine Brunel-Guitton, Esti Tweg and Olivia Wyett.

For the men: Sean McColl, Jason Holowach, Sebastien Lazure, Eric Sethna, Yves Gravelle, Andrew Funk, Nathan Smith, Ayo Sopeju, Marc Eveleigh, Dan Archambault, Samuel Tukuvaara, Andre Difelice, Jake Tiger, Bourassa Moreau, Yves Gravelle, Shaun Hunter, Jesse Taplin, Ville Tiukuvaara, Andrew Funk, Nathan Smith, Dmitri Karaman, Lucas Uchida and Ben Fenton.

Sean McColl at 2014 IFSC World Cup Bouldering Toronto. Photo: Aidas Rygelis, Ruby Photo Studio
Sean McColl at 2014 IFSC World Cup Bouldering Toronto. Photo Aidas Rygelis, Ruby Photo Studio

From the Czech will be Adam Ondra and Martin Stranik and from Denmark is only Bjorn Arnel Iisager. Ten climbers will be coming from France including Fanny Gibert and from Britain there will be eight climbers including Shauna Coxsey.

From Georgia, there will be two climbers including Gurami Gazdeliani. From Germany, European champions Juliane Wurm and Jan Hojer are making the trip. From Guatemala, there will be two climbers as well as from Ireland. From Isreal, Alex Khazanov will be the only climber.  

Two Italians, including Stafan Scarperi will be competing and from Japan, champion Akiyo Noguchi and Rei Sugimoto will be among 15 Japanese climbers. There will be two Koreans and one Mexican making the trip. From the Netherlands, Jorg Verhoeven and two other climbers will be competing. There will be three Polish climbers, one Russian and three Slovenians including Domen Skofic.

From Switzerland, Petra Klingler will be among the three vising climbers and from Slovakia, there will only be Maria Celkov.

There will be 14 Americans crossing the north border to compete including Alex Puccio, Josh Larson, Sierra Blair-Coyle, Angy Payne, Shawn Raboutou and Alex Johnson.

Juliane Wurm is having her best season to date, and a good bet for taking the win. Photo: Miguel Jette.
Juliane Wurm waiting to climb at the 2014 Toronto World Cup. Photo Miguel Jette

In total, 136 of the world’s strongest climbers will be competing in Toronto this weekend. It’s going to be quite the show.

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