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Tour de Bloc at Rock Jungle

The Tour de Bloc tour made a stop in Edmonton on the weekend of Dec. 13 and 14. The comp had a big turnout for each age category.

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The third stop on the Western Canada tour of the Tour de Bloc made it’s way to Rock Jungle in Edmonton. The first facility of it’s kind in Canada, Rock Jungle brings comprehensive indoor climbing, cross fit, yoga and fitness into one.

The finals were as exciting as any comp this year. For the men, Jason Holowach, leader of the national rank, charged and finished on top. He was followed by Dmitri Karaman and the always strong Marc Eveleigh. For the women, Stacey Weldon took the win over Alyssa Weber and Eva Thompson.

Men’s Results

1 Jason Holowach
2 Dmitri Karaman
3 Marc Eveleigh
4 Andrew Funk
5 Kieran Alton-Tracy
6 Simon Yamamoto
7 Matt Lucas
8 Matt Hendsbee

Women’s Results

1 Stacey Weldon
2 Alyssa Weber
3 Eva Thompson
4 Becca Frangos
5 Regan Kennedy
6  Allison Vest
7 Kayla Friesen
8 Kate Sinclair

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