The Tour de Bloc schedule for January, February and March has been published.

There are seven competitions and everything will wrap up with Bouldering Nationals. For Tour de Bloc highlight videos scroll down.

On Feb. 10, there will be six events held across Canada. This will be the biggest single day of Tour de Bloc comps ever. Be sure to hashtag photos with #GrippedMagazineComps, #tdb15 and #tdb4life.

Tour de Bloc 2018
Climber’s Rock in Ontario on Jan. 18
Seven Bays in Nova Scotia on Feb. 10
Le Mouv in Quebec on Feb. 10
Up the Bloc in Ontario on Feb. 10
Vertical Adventures in Manitoba on Feb. 10
Grip It in Saskatchewan on Feb. 10
Boulder House in Victoria on Feb. 10
Up the Bloc in Ontario (Bouldering Nationals) on March 3 and 4.