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Trio Attempting to Ski Great Trango Tower

Two skiers from western Canada and two Americans have joined forces to ski one of the most wild lines ever imagined

Two Canadians and one American are attempting to ski down Great Trango Tower, a peak famous for its difficult big wall and alpine routes. The 6,286-metre peak presents several objective hazards and complicated logistics. Nobody has ever skied Great Trango Tower.

B.C.-based Christina “Lusti” Lustenberger and Nick McNutt have joined Jim Morrison for the attempt, along with veteran climbing photographer Drew Smith. Morrison’s partner Hilaree Nelson tragically died while skiing Manaslu in Pakistan last year. Morrison shared thoughts on social media after their first attempt, saying the line they hope to ski is “an ephemeral band of snow linking an improbable descent through some of the world’s most dramatic and impressive towers of granite.” Lusti shared on social media that they’d gotten close to the summit, but they descended to try again.

Lusti one of the world’s most accomplished big mountain skiers. Earlier this year with Andrew McNab, they made the first descent of Niflheim in B.C. In January 2021, with Brette Harrington, they made the first ski of Gold Card Couloir M4+ WI4 C0 60° 800m, a serac-threatened line in the Monashees. In February 2022, Lusti and McNabb made the first descent of Thor’s south face near Niflheim. And in 2020, the two made the first descent of Mount MacDonald in Rogers Pass.

McNutt, a veteran backcountry skier, was part of an epic day in Squamish last summer where a mountain biker and BASE jumper passed him at the same time as he was climbing up the Apron, watch it here.