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Trotter, Caldwell and Wharton climb new route in Sicily

Sonnie Trotter, Tommy Caldwell and Josh Wharton have climbed a new six-pitch line on Sicily’s Monte Monaco. The name of the route was decided after a shout out on social media generated some 50 responses, one of which was chosen. 

The trio named their new route, You Cannoli Die Once and graded it 7c/+ (5.12d/13a). The route was established over two days by the three climbers who are known for their cutting-edge ascents.

Before the new Italian route was named, Trotter posted a Facebook note asking for name suggestions, here are a few:

European Family Vacation, Al Dente, Cappuccino Espresso Pepperoni Pistachio, Holy Cannoli, Realizationoli, Mario and Luigi, and Gabbagoo.

In the end, Julie Molinaro suggested the name You Cannoli Die Once.

You Cannoli Die Once climbs an aesthetic line of tufas, one which Trotter says everyone will enjoy.

Trotter has left Sicily, but his European trip continues into Switzerland and then France.

Tommy Caldwell on You Cannoli Die Once
Tommy Caldwell on You Cannoli Die Once

You Cannoli Die Once

P1: 5.10+
P2: 5.8
P3: 5.12b/c
P4: 5.10+
P5: 5.10-
P6: 5.12c/d

For the complete topo, visit Planet Mountain here.

Monte Monaco on the left and Pizzo Monaco on the right
Monte Monaco on the left and Pizzo Monaco on the right


Last year, Trotter climbed a new 5.14 on Canada’s Castle Mountain, read about it here.

Source: Planet Mountain