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Two V15 Problems in a Day for Shinichiro Nomura

Japanese boulderer Shinichiro Nomura is 21 years old and has just had an incredibly impressive day bouldering.

With less than a year of bouldering on real stone, he recently ticked Hydrangea V15, Babel V15 and UMA V14 on May 24.

The three classic hard lines are in Tochigi Prefecture of Japan and were all established by Daï Koyamada.

In 2016, he won gold in Juniors Boulder and Lead at the Asia Youth Championships and has competed at the IFSC World Cup.

He’s also climbed Ginga V14, Orochi V15, Babylon V15 and Shambala V15.

On Instagram, he wrote, “Today is the best day ever! Definitely the most exciting climb in my life.” He starred working on the problems earlier in the month.

With five V15s under his belt and being only 21, we can expect to see more big sends from Nomura.

Today is the best day ever!!!!!!!! I sent ‘‘Hydrangea(8C)’’ & ‘‘Babel(8C)’’ & ‘‘UMA(8b+)’’ in Shiobara today😆👍👍 ・ ・ まずはハイドランジア~ Afterbreak~(五段+)できました!!!! Day2!!! 今日で絶対に落としたかったし、本当に嬉しかった!! そして間違いなく人生で一番気合の入った登りが出来ました! その勢いに乗ってバベル(五段+)とUMA(五段-)も出来ました!コンディションが良かったのもあったけど、間違いなく今日は良い波に乗れてたなぁ。 最高の一日です。 ・ ・ 📸: @shijunclimb ・ ・ @monturajapan @montura_official @evolv_japan @evolv_worldwide

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