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U.S.A. Government Shutdown Affects Climbing Areas

The government shutdown in the U.S.A. might have an affect on your climbing plans this week.

There seems to be no one source to know what National Parks and Monuments will be closed indefinitely during the shutdown.

However, some parks have taken to social media to announce this week’s plans.

Yosemite National Park announced, “During the lapse in federal appropriations, Yosemite National Park will remain accessible to visitors however services will be reduced as we are unable to fully staff our operations.

“Below is a list of services/facilities that are open or closed. Please be reminded that due to environmental, public safety, or other unknown factors, visitor services may be diminished or additional areas may be closed.” See post here.

Bureau of Land Management has issued a statement regarding public land sites during the shutdown: “During the lapse of appropriations and the subsequent shutdown of the federal government, the majority of Bureau of Land Management public lands across the country will remain as accessible as possible while still following all applicable laws and procedures.

“BLM roads, trails, campgrounds, boat ramps and recreation sites will remain accessible to visitors, but emergency and rescue services will be limited. All BLM facilities on public lands however will be closed.”

Red Rock Canyon National Park posted on their site: “No plans for any visitor services to be open from Sunday on, until the shutdown has ended. The Scenic Drive gates may be opened, with hours to be determined. Details are expected to come Monday morning.”

Before the shutdown, Outside published a piece on why keeping the parks open would be a terrible idea.

In it, they say, It’s easy to understand why Zinke and the Trump Administration are so set on keeping parks open. And while the idea—like the idea of a functioning government—is a nice one, the reality of doing it with so few staff, with such little preparation, has the chance to go very wrong.”

Be sure to check social media and websites before heading out to visit a National Park for climbing this week.