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Unsupported Crossing of Stikine Icecap

Børge Ousland and Vicent Colliard have completed a crossing of the Stikine Icecap, unsupported.

Polar exploration legend, Børge Ousland and young explorer Vicent Colliard have successfully accomplished the unsupported crossing of the Skitine, Alaska’s southernmost ice field.

The area has Alaska’s most difficult and dangerous glaciers. The team skied and walked 170 kilometres in 16 days through very challenging and tough conditions.

The Stikine Ice Cap is in the Alaska Panhandle area by the Coast Mountains and is the primary source for both the Taku River and the Stikine River.

The area is known for its extreme peaks and granite spikes. Percipitation is unpredictible because of the coastal proximity and dense fog.

Crossing the Stikine Icecap.  Photo Borge Ousland
Crossing the Stikine Icecap. Photo Borge Ousland

It’s their second successful glacier crossing, after the Main Spitsbergen Glacier in 2014, of the 20 glaciers they plan to cross over the next 10 years as part of the Ice Legacy Project.

Their goal is to raise awareness and collect scientific data for the preservation of the world glaciers and the ancestral ice.

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