At the start of summer, nearly 20 climbers started to chop bolted off manufactured and chipped routes in Ten Sleep, Wyoming. It led to the US Forest Service (USFS) putting a moratorium on route development until access groups could create a management plan.

At the end of August, the USFS released a list of nearly 50 routes which have either been chopped or made unsafe to climb. The list is posted below and for more information on Ten Sleep visit here.

The Ten Sleep debacle is a prime example of why climbers should deal with their own route development and crag management. Otherwise, land owners can take over and possibly stop access.

Ten Sleep Altered

Funky Town
Parliament 5.11b
Funkadelic 5.11d
Bop Gun 5.12a / Atomic Dog 5.11d: share the same start
Jungle Boogie 5.11d / Jungle Groove 5.11d: share the same start
One Nation Under Groove 5.11d
Give Up the Funk 5.13d
So Ruff, So Tuff 5.12d
Shining Star 5.12c
Genius of Love 5.12b
More Bounce to the Ounce 5.12d
Brick House 5.12b / Brickzilla 5.11d: share the same start
Boot House / Bootzilla 5.12c: share the same start
White Horse 5.12d / White Stuff 5.12d: share the same start
Mr. Big Stuff 5.11c
Super Freak 5.12a
Fantastic Voyage 5.11b
No Parking on the Dance Floor 5.11c
Freak-A-Zoid 5.12a
Uptown Funk 5.11b
Mothership Connection 5.1oc / Star Child 5.11a
P-Funk 5.10c
Slavery Wall
Abolitionist 5.11c: all bolts appear chopped, pockets will with epoxy/glue
Cakewalk 5.10d: all bolts appear chopped
Uncle Tom 5.10b: all bolts appear chopped, pockets filled with epoxy/glue
40 Acres and a Mule 5.10c: no bolts appear chopped, but pockets looked to be filled with epoxy/gluepotentially dangerous for the unsuspecting climber
Emancipation 5.12a: bolts between the roof and the ground probably 4-5 appear to be chopped
Road to Oblivion 5.10b / Oblivion 5.12b: all bolts appear to be chopped and some pockets filled with epoxy/glue
House Wall
Casa Grande 5.10d: all bolts appear to be chopped; many pockets filled with epoxy/glue
Drugs Wall
Drug of Choice 5.12a: red padlock on the first bolt, reportedly unaltered otherwise
Heroin Hoedown 5.11a: all bolts appear to be chopped
Firm Wall
Harder than You 5.12b: bolts chopped; some pockets filled
Bulletproof 5.12c: bolts chopped
Firm 5.11c: first bolt present, but others may be chopped
Ministry Wall Spirit World
Just One Fix 5.12a: all bolts appear to be chopped
Burning Inside 5.11b: all bolts chopped
Knee High Bear 5.11d / Effigy 5.12c: bolts chopped on KHB, unsure about the Effigy extension
Thieves 5.12b: bolts chopped
New World Order 5.12d: bolts chopped; pockets filled
Stigmata 5.12b: bolts chopped; pockets filled
Jesus Built My Stigmata 5.12b: bolts chopped; pockets filled
Honky Tonk
Friends in Low Places 5.11d: bolts chopped, pockets filled
Save a Horse Ride a Cowboy 5.12b: bolts 1-5 chopped, pockets filled
Shotgun Rider 5.11c: bolts 1 and 3 chopped, pockets filled [dangerous] Chicken Fried 5.12c: bolts 1-3 chopped, pockets filled
Hell Yeah 5.11d: bolts chopped
Powers Wall
Fat Bastard 5.11d: red padlock on the first bolt
Groovy Baby 5.11b: pockets filled
Swinger 5.10d: pockets filled
Trump Tower
Dolt 45 5.12d: bolts 2-4 chopped
Cheeto Bandito 5.13a: bolts 2-4 chopped

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