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Victoria’s Secret Deviation

Greg Boswell and Nick Bullock have been on a tear since they arrived in Canada. Once again the team have made headlines, this time with the third and fourth ascents of Victoria’s Secret Deviation, M7++, 50 m, on the Stanley Headwall. Boswell onsighted the traditionally protected crack.

“It was cool, super fun and techy crack climbing with good feet, if you trust your poons on tiny crystals of rock. The pitch kept on fighting all the way to the last move, I thought it would ease off higher up, but it didn’t. Really psyched to get it done! I rapped the route and stripped the gear,then Bullock went on to flash it with some beta, team send,” said Boswell after the climb.  The route was first climbed by Raphael Slawinski during his new-routing spree on the Stanley headwall during the wintraph1er of 2007 and 2008.raph2







Greg Boswell onsighting Victoria’s Secret Deviation, M7++, 50 m Photo Nick Bullock
Raphael Slawinski on Victoria’s Secret Deviation Photo Wiktor Skupinski

Greg Boswell’s Blog: http://gregboswell.co.uk/

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