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Vikki Weldon Sends Hard Spanish Route

The route Los Humildes pa Casa 5.14a in Oliana is one of the more famous easy 5.14a in Spain. Squamish-based Vikki Weldon sent the route on Easter Sunday.

Vikki Weldon.  Source Arc'teryx
Vikki Weldon. Source Arc’teryx

Vikki became the third Canadian woman to climb 5.14a and two summers ago she made the second ascent of Yamnuska’s Blue Jeans 5.13b.

Vikki Sends Her First 5.14

Vikki wrote this on her Sendage.com scorecard, “Wow. What an incredible line. Definitely the king line in Oliana. Never have I seen (or climbed) such an impressive feature. So much tufa! Exactly what I came to Spain to climb. It is a pure endurance line. Sent on my seventh attempt. Definitely the quickest I’ve done a route of this grade. In my mind, very soft for 8b+ (5.14a). Let’s just say Derek Galloway would call it 5.13d.”

Vikki has also sent El Latido del Miedo 5.13b, Derribos Arias 5.12c, Pasta Sin Agua 5.12a, Orient 5.12d, L’Ansia 5.12a and Jam Session 5.12b.

Watch Chris Sharma onsight Los Humildes pa Casa: