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Vladimir Putin Awards Rescuers in Latok I Epic

Russian President Vladimir Putin has awarded four Pakistanis with Friendship Orders for the rescue of the Russian climber Alexander Gukov off Latok I earlier this summer.

A press release from the Alpine Club of Pakistan (ACP) said citizens of the Islamic Republic of Pakistan Kazi Muhammad, Abid Rafik, Muhammad Anzhum Rafik and Fakhar-i-Abbas became Knights of the Order of Friendship “for their participation in the operation to save the Russian climber.”

Alpinists Alexander Gukov from St. Petersburg and Sergei Glazunov from Irkutsk were climbing the North Ridge of Latok I in Pakistan when Glazunov fell and died.

Gukov remained at 6,200 metres without food and almost no equipment for several days. He was eventually rescued in a bold rescue operation carried out by the men noted above.

Pakistani climber Shamyl Sharafat Ali helped Anna Piunova (editor of Mountain.ru) and others coordinate the rescue.

According to Gukov, he and Glazunov reached the top of the North Ridge of Latok I, but

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