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Watch a V10 in the Niagara Glen

Tomasz Wojtkowiak is one of Ontario’s strongest boulderers and he recently sent Sepukku V10 in the Niagara Glen.

In 2008, Dave Heerema climbed Sepukku and said, “Quite possibly my favourite climb. Benchmark for V10.” In the video belwo, Wjkowiak takes down Sepukku almost effortlessly and after said, “Managed to take down Sepukku V10 today, very rare for this climb to be as dry as it was today. Very fun movement.”

Niagara bouldering guide

In January, Wojtkowiak tripped to Bishop and climbed Acid Wash V10, Gleaming the Cube V8, FLy Boy Sit V8, Iron Fly V9, Cocktail Sauce V10, Standing Kill Order V11, High Plains Drifter V7 and many others. Since returning to Canada, he climbed Threesome V6, The Gunt V11, Sepukku V10, Gulag V7 and other “warm up” boulders.

Sepukku V10 (Niagara Glen) from Tomasz Wojtkowiak on Vimeo.

The Niagara Glen is one of the most popularĀ Southern Ontario climbing destinations. There’s over 750 problems in the forest up river from the falls.

A beautiful setting with lots of fun-to-climb limestoneĀ boulders. Access has been an issue in the past, so tread lightly.

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