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Watch Adam Ondra Repeat 5.15 from Mid-1990s

Adam Ondra recently made the second ascent of Qui first climbed by Stefan Furst. It remained unrepeated for 23 years and took Ondra a number of attempts.

“I believe it was one of the hardest routes in the world at that time and Stefan was there to belay me on the ascent,” said Ondra. “Before the World Cup in Kranj, I took advantage of going outdoors for a few days. And I am immensely glad I decided to do so.”

The powerful route was graded 5.14+ in the mid-1990s but Ondra believes it is at least 5.15a, making it one of the first of the grade ever. Ondra went on to win gold in the Kranj lead world cup. On his was home from the event, he onsighted a number of hard routes in a day at a crag in Austria, including: Big Sleep 5.13b, Ain’t Nobody Special 5.13+, Blut un Honig 5.14c and Steinfeder 5.14b. Watch Ondra on Qui and scroll down for a list of his 5.15a sends.

Ondra on Qui


Adam Ondra on 5.15a

Qui in Geisterschmiedwand
Catxasa in Santa Linya
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High Line in Kanjon Tijesno
Sacrifice in Echo Canyon
Stone Butterfly in Herculane
Underground Dreaming in Arco
Super Crackinette in St Léger
La Castagne in St Léger
Meiose in Charmey
One Punch in Arco
Thor’s Hammer 2 in Flatanger
Naturalmente in Camaiore
Ultimatum in Arco
Pachamama in Oliana
Hyper Finale in Rawyl
120 Degrees in Flatanger
Geocache in Frankenjura
Vicious Circle in Osp/Misja Pec
Predátor in Srbsko
Modified in Frankenjura
Three Degrees of Separation in Céüse
Biographie in Céüse
Ini Ameriketan in Baltzola
Hell Racer in Hell
Kangaroo’s Limb in Flatanger
Torture physique integrale in Gastlosen
Power Inverter in Oliana
Change P1 in Flatanger
Thor’s Hammer in Flatanger
Jungle Boogie in Céüse
Perlorodka in Holstejn, Mor.kras
Overshadow in Malham
Chaxi in Oliana
Obrint el Sistema in Santa Ana
L’étrange ivresse des lenteurs in Céüse
Goldrake in Cornalba
Marina Superstar in Domusnovas
Corona in Frankenjura
Papichulo in Oliana
Open Air in Schleier Wasserfall
La Rambla in Siurana