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Watch Alex Megos Send Bibliographie 5.15+

The Olympic-qualified climber sent the world's second 5.15d earlier this year

Alex Megos never met a route he couldn’t climb in short order, that was until he encountered Bibliographie, a project at Céüse. In 2017, Megos first tried the route that would become his three-year project.

On the path to the send he encountered doubts and injuries and qualified for the Olympics. It wasn’t until covid turned the world upside down that he was able to return to Céüse and close the books on one of the hardest routes ever climbed.

After his send, he said, “My personal suggestion for the grade is 9c (5.15d). Considering the fact, that Perfecto Mundo 5.15b has taken me 16 days of effort, Bibliographie with around 60 days and more specific training felt a lot harder.” The only other 5.15d was climbed by Adam Ondra in Norway. Stefano Ghisolfi later repeated it and downgraded it to 5.15c.

Megos is well-known in Canada for establishing the country’s first 5.15 with Fight Club 5.15b in Banff National Park. Watch videos of that send here.

After watching Megos send Bibliographie, top climber Stefano Ghisolfi joked, “Oh no, my onsight attempt is gone.”

Bibliographie 5.15d