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Watch Angy Rainer Climb Italy’s Hardest Dry Tool Route

Kamasutra D13+ is the hardest dry tooling route in Italy, bolted by Matteo Rivadossi. Located at Iseo this route was climbed for the first time in January 2014, by Angelika Rainer the three times ice climbing World Champion. This is the video of her ascent, let the new winter season start.

Nearly a year ago, Rainer made the first ascent of Kamasutra in Italy’s Bus del Quia cave. The route is pure rock and therefore gets a D grade as opposed to an M grade for rock and ice.

Rainer sends Hercules 

Rainer sends another 5.14

Angelika Rainer, first ascent of KamaSutra D13+ from ANGELIKA RAINER on Vimeo.