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Watch Chris Sharma Climb Wild 5.14 DWS

Chris Sharma has climbed “a perfect line” up the Vallon Pont d’Arc in Southern France. His new deep water solo (DWS) route is a 30-metre 5.14 that took him four days to piece together.

He started from the water and worked on the route without rappelling in to inspect the line. On Instagram he wrote, “Free soloing has never been my cup of tea. But put some deep water below and now you’re talking.”

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“Last week I climbed one of the best routes of my life. After so many years, it’s amazing to keep finding routes that inspire me in new ways. The Pont d’Arc is an absolute dream line.”

Sharma helped put put DWS on the map with his Es Pontas 5.15 line in Spain, his many videos featuring the sport and his Psicobloc DWS competition in Utah.

“It’s hard to believe something like this even exists,” Sharma noted. “It tops out at around 30 meters on the far side of the arch (that you can’t see in the photo). A perfect line, on perfect rock in a perfect location.

“Although it felt plenty hard, it may not be the most difficult climb I’ve ever climbed.” Watch him on his new big deep water solo below.