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Watch Chris Sharma Repeat Everything is Karate 5.14+

Chris Sharma recently visited California to spend time working on an old Dean Potter project in Yosemite and to repeat a hard Ethan Pringle route.

The old Potter project is a bolted route up the Leaning Tower that links small holds on solid granite with big moves.

Chris Sharma on Everything is Karate 5.14+

Pringle’s new 5.14+ is called Everything is Karate and is located in Pine Creek Canyon. The climb is close to Bishop and Sharma’s childhood home.

While projecting the steep face climb, Sharma slips and take a bolt hanger to the face. Something he said had never happened. Despite having a split chin, he rallied and made the second ascent of the climb a few days later.

“A lot of the climbing is pretty delicate and insecure, with big spans between decent, albeit mostly sideways-facing holds the whole way,” Pringle said.

“I went back time and time again to refine beta to make the sequences as efficient as possible because the beta is not super straightforward and there are really specific ways to grab many of the holds to actually make use of them. It’s amazing. I can’t wait for other strong climbers to go give it a try.”