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Watch Climbers Sail, Bushwhack and Climb on Waddington

Mount Waddington and the Tiedemann Group

Spring 2016 Justin Sweeny, Jimmy Martinello, Eric Hjorleifson, Christina Lustenberger and Bradford McArthur sailed out from Squamish, BC on La Montaña.

Reaching the head of Bute Inlet they attempted to approach the next 67 kilometres by foot and ski to climb Mount Waddington.

The team retraced the steps of Don and Phyllis Munday, Canadian climbers and geographers, who first spotted the prominent peak to the north from Vancouver Island, more than 250 kilometres away.

They traveled by boat, then bushwhacked and skied over glaciers to reach Waddington a number of times over the next 10 years.

In a 1928 expedition, they succeeded in reaching the lower, Northwest Summit, but did not reach the highest point and true summit due to an unclimbable 100-metre gap beyond their abilities.

They never managed to climb their Mystery Mountain, with the first ascent going to the pioneering German American climber Fritz Weissner and colleagues in 1936.

Watch the 2016 sea to summit ascent below.