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Watch David Lama on Sketchy New Alpine Terrain

David Lama and Peter Mühlburger and their new Sagzahn Verschneidung

Peter Muhlburger and David Lama have climbed a new bold mixed route up called Sagzahn Verschneidung, an 800-metre M6/A2.

The new route in Valsertal valley near Innsbruck had been on Lama’s mind for five years.

Lama had climbed new routes in the valley before, as far back as in 2008 with Jorge Verhoeven.

Many alpinists will remember when Lama climbed Badlands, a new 700-metre 5.10 M5 WI4 A1 that he soloed.

The following year, he soloed another big route up the north face of Sagwand, got the first winter ascent of Sagwand and got another bold solo first ascent up Nordverschneidung.

He first tried Sagzahn Verschneidung in 2014 and 2015. He wrote a great story about the new route here.

“After six pitches, with numerous demanding sections that I only got through by aiding, we had overcome the steepest part of the wall. It was the same distance to the summit, through a snow gully with several steep bits, but the terrain was easier and we were making good progress.

“By the time we reached the summit though, it was 5 p.m. After rappelling and skiing back to the car, we were in Innsbruck at around 11 pm. The aid climbing – Peter and I agreed on the RATING M6/A2 – requires a lot of time. In any case, the Sagzahn Verschneidung is among the hardest lines that I have climbed on the Sagwand.”

Click on the clip below to watch Lama knock some loose rock off their new climb.