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Watch Eric Jerome’s Second Ascent of a Utah V14

Watch Eric Jerome make the second ascent of Pete Lowe’s Show Your Scars in Ogden, Utah in a short clip by Taylor McNeill. Jerome has also sent Spinal Twist V13 this year.

Jerome wrote about his send on 8a.nu: “Second ascent of this unbelievable Pete Lowe rig. Like so, so good. All the holds are big and comfy and skin friendly and the moves are sick. Took me five days, three spent falling on the last move.

“On the grade, it’s mostly a ? from me. Never tried another V14 and not many V13s. It is very my style and was definitely hard. Taylor said he thinks it’s standard V14, so I will default to his much more experienced opinion until someone w a better track record sends and can comment.

Show Your Scars

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