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Watch Historic Everest-Lhotse Traverse Live

Tenji Sherpa in the Khumbu Icefall Photo Jon Griffith

British climber Jon Griffith and Tenji Sherpa are up high and prepared to make the historic first traverse from Everest to Lhotse.

They have already climbed to camp two past the Khumbu Icefall and are resting and getting ready to head up the Lhotse face to camp four at the south col.

The final push will be live-streamed on the National Geographic Adventure Facebook sometime this week and we’ll include it here once it’s up and running.

Should they complete the traverse, it will be important in a number of ways, such as paving the way for future possible link-ups.

Plus Griffith will be pushing the world of media into new directions with live-streaming and 3D virtual reality footage and Tenji will be also be breaking ground.


“Everest is often about the white, Western man,” Griffith says. “So it will be great to have the Sherpa in the limelight, and to let the Nepalese climbing community show the world what amazing climbers they are.”

Tenji says that if he completes the Traverse without supplemental oxygen, he thinks it “will be good for a young generation of Nepali climbers.”

Lastly, this climb is being completed in memory of Ueli Steck. “We lost one of best alpinists in the world,” says Tenji. “This project I started last year with Ueli, so if we complete this project he will be happy.”