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Watch Hugo Parmentier Project La Rage d’Adam 5.15b/c

The strong sport climber spent four weeks projecting one of Europe's most difficult climbs

In fall 2019, top French climber Seb Bouin made the first ascent of La Rage d’Adam in the Verdon Gorge. The route was bolted in 2015 by Antonin Rhodes and projected by Adam Ondra for a number of days.

According to Bouin, Ondra wrote that when he tried the crux of La Rage d’Adam, “Even after 20 minutes I did not really imagine any possible sequence that could make it more climbable. After even minutes hanging in the bolts, I came up with some crazy gaston beta, but I could not do the moves either and dismissed the route as too hard to be climbable in the near future.”

Ondra said that Bouin’s grade suggestion was spot on: “My guess is that it could be more of 9b/b+, if not even harder, based on my one and only experience of the route – which felt HARD!”

In this new video, 5.15 climber Hugo Parmentier works on the difficult sequences as he spends nearly 30 days working the steep line. He has made plans to return this spring to continue projecting La Rage d’Adam. Parmentier repeated Eagle-4 5.15b last April, more here.

Hug Parmentier Projecting