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Watch Jakob Schubert Flash Never Ending Story V14

He amassed an impressive list of sends during a two-day weather window at Magic Wood

Top Austiran climber Jakob Schubert just spent a memorable two days at Magic Wood in Switzerland where he sent an impressive number of test-piece problems, including a flash of Never Ending Story V14.

Schuber, 29, climbed New Base Line V14, Practice of the Wild V14, One Summer in Paradise V13, Riders on the Storm V13 and flashed Voigas V11, Octopussy V11 and Jack’s Broken Heart V11.

Other climbers who’ve managed to flash V14 include Daniel Woods, Adam Ondra, Jimmy Webb, Ned Feehally and Schubert back in 2018 on Catalan Witness the Fitness in Spain.

Schubert is also one of the best comp climbers ever. He’s won 21 world cups and is a two-time lead world champion. On rock he’s climbed up to 5.15b with over 30 routes 5.14d or harder.

Below is a video of Schubert flashing Never Ending Story and a one of him during the covid lockdown.

Never Ending Story V14

Lockdown to Rockdown