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Watch Jonathan Siegrist on His New Nu World 5.15a/b

When covid brought him home from Europe, Siegrist re-focsed on some steep local rock

Nestled Deep in the Colorado Hills lies God’s Crag, a crag with an abundance of potential for new lines, perfect for a sport climber at the peak of his game.

Whilst on a road trip, Jon Siegrist researched the local crags of Colorado to find something that needed a bit of development, and found some hidden gems in the beautiful landscape, just outside of Lake City.

At the start of October, Siegrist, who’s climbed a number of 5.15 sport routes, established Nu World 5.15b/c near Las Vegas. It’s one of America’s hardest climbs.

We recently touched base with Siegrist, read the interview here, and he told us: “I think my attraction to different routes has really changed over the years. In the beginning, I was motivated by historical context. All of my first 5.13+ or 5.14- projects were Tommy Caldwell routes. Growing up on the front range, all of the hardest routes were his. I’m totally obsessed with his legacy, and so I wanted to do all of his routes. For me, even if it was one star, if it was from Tommy, I wanted to do it. That was influential for me from the beginning.”

Nu World 5.15a/b