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Watch Julia Chanourdie Become Third Woman to Send 5.15b

With her repeat of Eagle 4 in France

French crusher Julia Chanourdie sent Eagle 4 5.15b at Saint Léger, France, last month, becoming the third woman to climb the grade. In 2017, Angela Eiter’ sent La Planta de Shiva 5.15b and earlier this year, Laura Rogora redpointed Ali Hulk Sit Start Extension Total 5.15b.

Chanourdie’s send is only the third of Eagle 4, the second was by Hugo Parmentier in spring. Earlier this year, she became the fourth woman to climb 5.15a with Supercrackinette at the same crag.

Chanourdie qualified for the Tokyo 2021 Olympic Games in 2019 and has won a number of competitions, including he bronze medal at The World Games 2017 in Wrocław, Poland.

Eagle 4

Adam Ondra made the first ascent of Eagle 4 in 2018. He suggests 9b* which would make it the 3rd (after Akira and C.R.S.) of that grade in the country. After his first ascent, Ondra said, “Interesting process of working this route. I got really close on my second day of trying, when only foothold break stopped me from sending.

“Then, I tried maybe five days more, but it was never completely dry. Today, it was dry, I felt strong, made through the hard part and fell 5m from the anchor from totally easy terrain. Luckily, I could do it even second time in the late afternoon.”

Eagle 4 is one of France’s three 5.15b sport routes, the others being Akira and C.R.S.