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Watch Mason Earle’s Send of Cobra Crack 5.14

Cobra Crack is the de facto kingline of North American trad climbing. A stunning wall of overhanging granite split by a singular seam, barely wide enough to get your fingers into; it’s a crack climber’s dream.

Since Mason Earle first tried Cobra Crack in 2009, the route called him back to Squamish again and again. For better or for worse, the route has become a part of his history. He finally sent it this summer.

Earle was one of three climbers to send Cobra Crack this summer, the others being Said Belhaj and Logan Barber.

Cobra Crack Sends
2006 – Sonnie Trotter (Canada)
2008 – Nicolas Favresse (Belgium)
2008 – Ethan Pringle (USA)
2008 – Matt Segal (USA)
2009 – Will Stanhope (Canada)
2009 – Yuji Hirayama (Japan)
2011 – Alex Honnold (USA)
2013 – Pete Whittaker (UK)
2013 – Tom Randall (UK)
2016 – Ben Harnden (Canada)
2017 – Mason Earle (USA)
2017 – Logan Barber (Australia)
2017 – Said Belhaj (Sweden)

Take a look as Earle goes back to confront the Cobra this past summer in the video below.

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