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Watch Nathan Kutcher’s One-Tool Finish at Festiglace Comp

The top Ontario comp climber finished a hard icy route after losing an axe

Ontario climber Nathan Kutcher dropped an ice tool while competing at Festiglace in Quebec at the end of February, but finished the competition route using one tool. Watch below.

Kutcher said, “Every roof was a struggle and I fought so hard to make it thru each one. My hands opening from fatigue each time as I went for the next hold. Finally I made it thru the hardest parts at 2/3 height with around 10 metres of gently overhanging ice to go and I dropped a tool. I fought so hard to get to that point that I couldn’t just stop. The next clip was so close so I stemmed up and clipped. The next hold wasn’t so far, so I kept making small moves balancing on my feet and grabbing features in ice with my free hand.

“As I made progress I started thinking maybe it could be possible to make the next clip. And then the next holds and the next clip. After what seemed like an eternity I was within reaching distance from the anchor at the top.” Festiglace was a huge success and had climbers visit from around the world. You can see results from the events and more here. Be sure to follow Festiglace on Instagram for updates about future comps.

Kutcher’s One-Tool Top-Out