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Watch Sasha DiGiulian High on Shining Uncut 5.14

Sasha DiGiulian on The Shining Uncut 5.14 Photo Peter Hoang

Sasha DiGiulian recently climbed The Shining Uncut on the east face of Mount Louis in Banff National Park.

The big 5.14 is a link-up of the pitches of The Shining 5.13c, which Sonnie Trotter first climbed wit Tommy Caldwell five years ago.

He climbed his uncut version last year when hooking up Castles in the Sky 5.14, The Shining Uncut 5.14 and Blue Jeans Direct 5.14 in a season for a big wall-style 5.14 Rockies trilogy.

DiGiulian made the second ascent of The Shining Uncut and the below video was taken by Peter Hoang of her on the 80-metre 5.14 cruz pitch.

Despite being a sport route, the bolts are spaced out and the climbing is heady on Mount Louis’ only 5.14. The rope drag is intense so DiGiulian utilized a two-rope system.

DiGiulian now only has to climb Blue Jeans Direct on Yamnuska, a seven-pitch 5.14 first sent by Trotter two years ago.

Watch DiGiulian on The Shining Unct:

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