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Watch Sasha DiGiulian Speak About Recent Bullying

Sasha DiGiulian in Madagascar Photo Francois Lebeau

Top climber Sasha DiGiulian has recently spoken out against another pro climber for bullying and harassment that has gone of fore a number of years.

“I am grateful to have a platform to speak my mind and to seek justice,” said DiGiulian.

“Many victims go unheard and their abusers go unchallenged. For those of you in this situation, I hope this discourse has given you strength.

“Social media should not be the medium through which we solve our problems, but I’m not afraid to use my voice when private reconciliation does not work.

“Let me repeat, it was not just one post, or one time, this was the last straw after years of attacks on myself and others – and sadly, many in our community were aware of it. If we refuse to call a bully by their name, we continue to allow them the undeserved power they continue to abuse.

“The actions of the person involved are his to own, not mine to excuse. I hope we can all learn, grow and recover from this incident and move forward.”

In this clip, DiGiulian introduces us to Sarah Sapora (a self-love mentor and wellness advocate) who DiGiulian’s bully dragged into this in a negative way. Sapora talks about body shaming and bullying on- and offline.

You can visit and follow Sapora on Instagram here and watch DiGiulian speak about bullying in the climbing world below.