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Watch Seb Bouin on New 5.15a in Verdon

Seb Bouin on his new 5.15 / watch below

Seb Bouin bolted this amazing 60-metre prow in Verdon, France, when he was 16. Nine years later, he felt it was time to send and graded it 5.15a.

Bouin, who had climbed up to 5.15a in the past, made the first ascent of La Côte d’usure in the Ramilore Cave in mid-September.

“Yesterday I did the first ascent of my huge 60-metre prow in the middle of the Gorges du Verdon at La Ramirole,” said Bouin. “This route means a lot to me, even though my main goal was my project in Norway.

“I bolted this route nine years ago, when i was 16 years old… I suggest 9a+/5.15a for the grade, this means that it’s becoming the hardest route at La Ramirole.”