Seb Bouin recently made the second ascent of Move 5.15b/c, the sixth hardest sport climb in the world. “Here is an uncut video of the send of the hardest part of Move,” said Bouin about the below video.

Ondra made the first ascent in 2013 and was belayed by Bouin. Move is 50 metres long and can be broken down into two endurance sections of 5.14d which is followed by a bouldery 5.14d. The hardest single sequence is at the end.

In April, Bouin repeated another Adam Ondra 5.15b with Mamichula in Oliana, Spain, for the climb’s second ascent. Back in 2017, Bouin made the first ascent of Les yeux plus gros que l’antre 5.15a/b and in 2015, he made the third ascent of Chilam Balam 5.15b.

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Move 9b/+ – 5.15b/c, You have to be a bit crazy to believe such a long time in a possible success. Fails after fails, still thinking the stuff possible. I did five travels (2 – 3 weeks each travels) to do this route. I did 4 travels alone from France. This means I started alone from France and I try to find partners on the crag. It's quite hard mentaly to do that. Because you have the pressure of the route during your trip, but you are alone to control it. Yet it's a superbe opportunity to meet people and share your passion and emotions with. Move 9b/+, Il faut être un peu fou pour croire aussi longtemps en un probable succès. Echecs après échecs, toujours penser l'affaire possible. J'ai fais 5 voyages en tout pour réaliser cette voie (2 à 3 semaines chaque voyage). J'ai fais 4 voyages seul depuis la France. Cela signifie que j'essaye de trouver des partenaires de grimpe sur la falaise. C'est assez dur mentalement de faire cela. En effet, pendant le voyage il faut arriver à gérer la pression de la voie, et quand on est plusieurs c'est quand même plus cool que seul pour penser à autre chose. Cependant c'est une superbe opportunité de rencontrer des gens et de partager avec eux les émotions et la passion que l'escalade génère en nous. Pic by @raphaelfourau Thank you my partners to support me in these projects @blackdiamond @eb_climbing @altissimo_grabels @amazonas_ultralight @kayland_official @natureclimbing @climbskin

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World’s 10 Hardest Sport Climbs

Silence 5.15d (9c) at Flatanger, Norway / Climbed by Adam Ondra
Change 5.15c (9b+) at Flatanger, Norway / Climbed by Adam Ondra
La Dura Dura 5.15c (9b+) at Oliana, Spain / Climbed by Adam Ondra, Chris Sharma
Perfecto Mundo 5.15c (9b+) at Margalef, Spain / Climbed by Alex Megos, Stefano Ghisolfi
Vasil Vasil 5.15c (9b+) at Sloup, Czech Republic / Climbed by Adam Ondra
Move 5.15b/5.15c (9b/9b+) at Flatanger, Norway / Climbed by Adam Ondra
Akira 5.15b (9b) at Charente, France / Climbed by Fred Rouhling
Ali Hulk 5.15b (9b) at Rodellar, Spain / Climbed by Dani Andrada, Magnus Midtbø
Chaxi Raxi 5.15b (9b) at Oliana, Spain / Climbed by Adam Ondra
Chilam Balam 5.15b (9b) at Villanueva del Rosario, Spain / Climbed by Bernabé Fernández (see notes), Adam Ondra, Sébastien Bouin, Dani Andrada, Edu Marin

Bouin on Move

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