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Watch Some of Gobright and Reynold’s Nose Speed Record

Jim Reynolds and Brad Gobright set a new speed record up The Nose on El Capitan on Oct. 21 of 2:19:44.

The Nose climbs the southwest face of El Capitan and is one of the world’s most popular rock climbing routes. Warren Harding, Wayne Merry and George Whitmore made the first ascent of the 31-pitch climb in 1958 after a 47-day siege.

The first recorded “speed” ascent of The Nose was in 1975 by Jim Bridwell, John Long and Billy Westbay when they blew the climbing world away with their 17-hour and 45-minute ascent.

Gobright and Reynold’s successful climb was their 17th attempt. “It took a while to memorize the route and get our strategy perfect,” said Gobright. “Weather is also an issue,” he continues, “It was often too warm or had just rained and left a section too wet to climb.”

One of the biggest hurdles the they faced was the popularity of The Nose. During peak season, there can be 10 to 15 parties on the route.

42 Years of The Nose Records
Male Speed Records
2017-10-21: Jim Reynolds, Brad Gobright in 2:19:44
2012-6-17: Hans Florine, Alex Honnold in 2:23:46
2017-10-10: Jim Reynolds, Brad Gobright in 2:34:30
2010-11-6: Dean Potter, Sean Leary in 2:36:45
2008-10-12: Hans Florine, Yuji Hirayama in 2:37:05
2008-7-2: Hans Florine, Yuji Hirayama in 2:43:33
2007-10-8: Alexander and Thomas Huber in 2:45:45
2007-10-4: Alexander and Thomas Huber in 2:48:30
2002-9-29: Hans Florine, Yuji Hirayama in 2:48:55
2001-11: Dean Potter, Timmy O’Neill in 3:24:20
2001-10: Hans Florine, Jim Herson in 3:57:27
2001-10: Dean Potter, Timmy O’Neill in 3:59:35
1992: Hans Florine, Peter Croft in 4:22
1991:Peter Croft, Dave Schultz in 4:48
1991: Hans Florine, Andres Puhvel in 6:01
1990: Peter Croft, Dave Schultz in 6:40
1990: Hans Florine, Steve Schneider in 8:06
1986: John Bachar, Peter Croft in 10:05
1984: Duncan Critchley, Romain Vogler in 09:30 (approximate)
1975: Jim Bridwell, John Long, Billy Westbay in 17:45

Female Speed Records
10/2014: Mayan Smith-Gobat and Libby Sauter in 5:02
09/2013: Mayan Smith-Gobat and Libby Sauter in 5:39
09/2012: Mayan Smith-Gobat and Chantel Astorga in 7:26
06/2012: Jes Meiris and Quinn Brett in 10:19
09/2011: Libby Sauter and Chantel Astorga in 10:40
2004: Heidi Wirtz and Vera Schulte-Pelkum in 12:15

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