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Watch Stu Smith Whip on His New Squamish 5.14a

Stu Smith pre-whip on Lost Art of Trash Talk 5.14

West Coaster Stu Smith has done it again with a new 5.14a trad climb in Squamish on a fine looking piece of granite.

He sent the route on July 11 and said, “And it’s done! Today I got the FA of a spicy trad line I’ve been working on for awhile, Lost Art of Trash Talk 5.14a?

“The grade is all mixed up in my head after the time I spent on it, video is of the whipper just before the send burn, as you can tell in my voice I was positive I was going to shatter my legs.”

In 2017, Smith completed his summer project on the Malamute after taking countless big whippers on tiny gear. He named it E.M.U.B.I.G.S (everyone’s moving up but I’m going sideways) and graded it 5.13+R.

Earlier this year, Smith made the first ascent of Smith called his new 5.13R Revenge of The Jabberwock 5.13+R at Murrin.

What him whip on his new 5.14a below.

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