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Watch Tosh Sherkat Climb New V10 in Nelson

Tosh Sherkat is a comp climber who has competed on the world stage based in B.C. who’s featured in a new short film from MEC making the first ascent of The Big Break V10 in Nelson. Sherkat started climbing with his parents in Nelson when he was young and recently returned home to add the difficult new problem.

Sharkat wrote on Sendage.com after his new V10 send, “A really meaningful send for me. Definitely the hardest boulder I’ve ever done, potentially the highest thing I’ve done, and to my knowledge, the first double digit in the Kootenays.

“Felt so good to top this thing out, right at the edge of my limit. Made me so psyched to get on some of the other awesome boulders in the area. Gets four stars because the feet at the bottom are a little flakey and crumble a little, I did my best to clean it up. Otherwise would be a five-star problem, proud and imposing line overlooking the lake.”

In a 2017 interview with Sherkat, we asked him if he has any fond memories and of his trips competing abroad and he said, “Any fond memories? Too many. After Paris I was able to sneak down to Font with a few fellow competitors and got lost in the sea of boulders that reside in the south of France.

“Definitely going back soon. And after China my family, accompanied by good friend and competitor Nathan Smith, went to Thailand to do some climbing. Although masses of climbers go in and out of Tonsai per week, the community feel there is so strong and welcoming, the cheering of the crowds from the bars at night almost makes you climb harder.” Full interview here.

Sherkat has climbed a number of V10 problems, including Black Hole Left and Worm World Cave Low in Squamish Detour in Kelowna.

Sherkat on The Big Break