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Watch Yann Gauthier Send New 5.13 in Quebec

Yann Gauthier has made the first ascent of a new 5.13 called L’arrogance du grimpeur at Mont Bédard near the town of Chibougamau.

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The climbing at Mont Bédard was mostly developed in the past few years and the routes range from 5.7 to 5.13 and up to 30 metres.

Gauthier has established many of the lines, including bolted climbs like Yin and Yann 5.12, P38 Traverse 5.12, Time is Luck 5.12, and trad climbs like Chibougamau with love 5.10 and Golden Goose 5.9. Full topo here.

Four Top Quebec 5.13s
Energie Potentielle 5.13a at Champlain
Ulysee 5.13a at Baldy
Le Toit de Ben 5.13a at Val-David
The Beast 5.13b at Eardley Escarpment