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Wide Boyz Visit the Recovery Drink

Watch Tom Randall and Pete Whittaker have a go at what might be the world’s hardest crack climb.

”Last month, Pete and I were invited on a trip to Norway to lecture at the infamous Ballestein Festival,” said Randall.

“What was even more exciting than the promised crazy Norwegian climbing festival, was the assurance that we’d have time to make a visit to try Nico Favresse’s Recovery Drink on the Profile Wall in Jøssingfjord.

“As a route suggested to be perhaps the hardest crack on the planet.”

Nico Favresse made the first ascent of The Recovery Drink, which he considers to be the hardest crack climb he had ever climbed, which is a granite splitter on the Profile Wall in Jossingfjord, Norway.

Favresse found the wall in 2012 on a trip to Norway with his brother Oliver. “Even though it looked way too futuristic,” said Favresse, “we were so motivated we decided to waste no time and check it out.” Bad weather forced them to return the following summer.

“Lots of rain, strong winds and cold temperatures greeted us,” said Favresse. “It took me another two weeks to send. It was an amazing feeling!”

Favresse never graded the route, but having made the second ascent of Cobra Crack in Squamish in 2008, some considered it to be more difficult. “It’s certainly one of the coolest lines I have ever climbed and the hardest crack I have ever redpointed,” said Favresse.