Wild Country yesterday issued a voluntary recall for their Ropeman 3 ascender which although passing all required CE EN standards has found to be below par in some aspects of fieldwork.

Jason Myers, Wild Country’s Sales Director explains:

“Whilst the R3 does meet the requirements of the relevant tests and standards, usage has found that there are certain circumstances, particularly on tensioned ropes where the device does not “stick” as well as we would like. It is possible to imagine certain situations where the user could absolutely be relying on the device (eg crevasse rescue) and experience difficulty with it’s function, even to the point of risking death or injury. The chance of this situation arising is extremely difficult to quantify. We feel the probability of an accident is small, but it is non-zero. Therefore we have chosen to voluntarily recall the product.”

If you possess a Ropeman 3, then you should stop using it immediately and return it to your retailer, or if this is not possible, to your local distributor. Wild Country will arrange as soon as possible your choice of a replacement Ropeman 1 or Ropeman 2, plus a locking carabiner.

For more detailed information, please refer to the notices on our website. www.wildcountry.co.uk