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Will Bosi Redpoints V15 and Flashes V13/14 in a Day

Since June, Bosi has sent six V15's, two V16's, and one V17

On December 6, Scottish climber Will Bosi redpointed V15 and flashed V13/14 in a single day in Cresciano, Switzerland. He started the day with a surprise flash of The Dagger V13/14. After a fingery start, the problem requires a series of tough compression hand bumps on slopers up an overhanging prow, with tricky toe hooks and heels for the feet.

The grade of the The Dagger has been debated over the years. Many of the world’s best boulderers have sent the route, assigning it different grades. For example, on 8a.nu, Dave Graham, Adam Ondra, and Carlo Traversi called the problem a V14, Paul Robinson and Jakob Schubert called it a soft V14, Daniel Woods and Martin Stranik called it a hard V13, Jimmy Webb gave it a V13,  and Giuliano Cameroni gave it a V12. Bosi assigned it a grade of hard V13.

Later in the day, Bosi came heartbreakingly close to flashing Dreamtime V15, but slipped off after getting through the crux. After a few more goes he sent the five-star problem on only his fourth try. Dreamtime is a historic climb. Established by Fred Nicole, the route was the world’s first V15.

This is not the first time Bosi, aged 23, has flashed V14. In early April 2022, he flashed Martin Stranik’s Charizard V14 at Sklapsko in Czechia. In November, he sent Ephyra V16. The month prior, he ticked the world’s hardest bouldering grade with his repeat of Shawn Raboutou’s Alphane V17. In 2022 alone, Bosi has climbed ten V14’s, twelve V15’s, two V16’s, and one V17. He currently sits at the top of 8a.nu’s world boulderer rankings.

The Dagger V13/14

Dreamtime V15

Footage of Bosi’s send of Dreamtime V15 has not yet been released. To check out this beautiful, historic problem, watch this short video by climber Marco Müller: